David Taylor,
Hot Chai Productions
New York, New York

Release Date

February 20, 2020


  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MacOS






Solitaire Meets Its Match!

Combine matching and strategy in a fresh new take on Solitaire and Match 3!

With daily challenges, team events, and levels ranging from casual to mind-bending, Match Solitaire has puzzles for every skill level and mood.

Stack cards up, down, or both ways to collect matches and solve increasingly difficult levels.

Play with power-ups and unlock animated characters who cheer you onward toward victory.

Or, choose your own difficulty and play from more than 10 million guaranteed winnable deals!

Have you met your match?


  • 25,000 levels to play
  • 10 million unique puzzles to solve
  • 40 animated characters to unlock
  • Intelligent hint system
  • Daily challenge puzzles
  • Weekly team event
  • Every deal guaranteed winnable!


One morning I woke with an idea for a game that combined Match 3 and Solitaire.

But would it be as fun as it seemed in my head?

I had to find out.

So I went to my corner bodega, bought a pack of cards and played the very first game of Match Solitaire.

And what I found was beautiful.

I was blown away by the elegant simplicity of the game, mesmerized by its gorgeous symmetry, and fascinated by its depth and complexity.

That was almost exactly one year ago today.

Since then, I've analyzed over 10 million unique games in many configurations of suits, match and deck sizes, and I'm even more amazed than I was that very first game.

The win rates are comparable to the legendary FreeCell Solitaire with an open deal (all cards visible), but the game is challenging with only 4 tableaus (columns), so it's perfect for a modern handheld device.

And with 3 suits and only 5 tableaus, the game becomes difficult for even the best Solitaire players.

Collect a match too early and you may not have the card you need to stack later. Wait too long to collect a match and you may not be able to completely stack the cards. The most difficult games require stacking and matching at precise moments during the game, which I find makes the game very satisfying to beat.

And yet this same game has only a few simple rules and can be configured for a relaxing difficulty level enjoyable by anyone.

I've spent the past year carefully curating an optimal and varied set of guaranteed winnable deals and creating a fun yet sophisticated setting for you to enjoy the game.

I hope you find it as beautiful as I do.




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David Taylor (he/him)

Game Designer and Programmer

Dawid Szymczyk (he/him)

Art and Character Animation

Starlotte Music (they/them)


Carmen Nikae (she/her)

Voiceover (Tutorial and Characters)

Pei Wang (he/him)

Marketing Consultant

Robert Taylor (he/him)

IT Support






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