Match Solitaire Game Notation

Match Solitaire solutions are a written as a sequence of moves, like this solution for game #147198:

1a *134 5e 5d 5c 54 51 3b 35 d5 b5 2b 2d *12a 3a *34c 21 23 2c 25 *25e 12 12 4e *14c 1c *145 *15a 3a *35c *15a *345 45 *4be *24d *235

The numbers 1,2,3,4,5 correspond to the columns of cards (sometimes referred to as "stacks" or "cascades"), and the letters a,b,c,d,e correspond to the freecells, as illustrated in the following diagram:

The first symbol of a move corresponds to the source location of the card and the second symbol corresponds with the destination. Matching moves are prefixed with a * symbol.

In the example, the first move is 1a which means to move the exposed card on the first column 1 (the yellow Two of Spades) to the leftmost freecell a.

The second move is *134. Since the move starts with a *, it's a matching move and the 134 part of the move means to collect the match from columns 1, 3, and 4. This corresponds to collecting the Queens (since the previous move uncovered the Queen of Hearts in column 1).

Keep following the moves in sequence to solve the puzzle (which btw is level 50 in the game).

That's it!

NOTE: If the same move is repeated in sequence, you can optionally use the shorthand notation :nx where n is the number of times to repeat the move. For example, 12:5x is equivalent to the move sequence 12 12 12 12 12.

And finally, in games where manually dealing cards is necessary (e.g., half-deal games), the + symbol indicates a deal move from the stock stack (not pictured).