Match Solitaire Hints

How To Read Hints

Match Solitaire hints are a sequence of moves separated by spaces, like this:

2a *12a

Stacks are numbered left-to-right 1, 2, 3, ..., and freecells are a, b, c, ...

So, for example, "2a" means move the card on top of the second stack to the first freecell.

Matching moves start with a *, so "*12a" means collect the match from stack 1, stack 2, and the first freecell.

That's it!

Where to get help?

If you're really stuck on a puzzle, try me on Twitter or better yet, join the Discord chat where Match Solitaire fans can hang out and share hints and tips. I also maintain a mailing list where I share tips and do giveaways, too!