Match Solitaire Help

What should I do if I'm stuck?

Use a hint! Hints can give you just enough help to get you past that hard section of the puzzle, and you'll see how all the moves were made, too!

You can also use powerups to get you out of a jam. The Push powerup pushes a card to the back of a stack, the Wild powerup can turn a card wild so it can stack on any other card, and the Collect powerup collects a match even if the matching cards are buried in a stack!

The Discord community is a great source for tips and help on specific levels. Someone is usually there to help out anytime!

How do hints work?

Tap the lightbulb (💡) button to reveal the next match to collect. You can then try to collect the match yourself, or you can tap the autoplay (►) button to uncover it automatically.

VIDEO: How to use hints

Where can I find the rules?

The official rules are at Did you know you can play with a standard deck of cards?

How does the team event work?

Every coin you earn while playing a game during a team event counts as a point for your team.

If you like, you can also purchase an event ticket to play for the jackpot. Ticket purchases are placed into the jackpot, which is split by the winning team.

Good luck! And don't forget to join the Discord Chat to meet your teammates!

How can I get help with the Daily Challenge?

Play the Saturday Daily Challenge live with David, Allison, and guests or check the Discord community chat room for help from other players. Someone is usually there to help!

VIDEO: Saturday Challenge Live!

INVITATION: Discord Community

Why is the Daily Challenge so difficult?

You might be playing on a difficult day of the week. Monday is the easiest and Saturday is the hardest. Sunday has some longer Match 4 and double-deck (26-match) games that are medium-level difficulty.

How can I quickly locate the cards in a match?

Tap any card to highlight the matching cards wherever they may be in the deck. (Note that the matching cards may not be visible if they're face-down or haven't been dealt yet.)

How can I quickly move an entire stack?

Tap and hold on the stack, then drag to another stack. All of the cards that can be moved to the new stack will move at once. This is a great way to quickly reverse a stack onto another empty stack!

VIDEO: How to flip a stack of cards

How can I quickly move only part of a stack?

Tap and hold to select a source stack. Release, and then tap another stack. As long as the source stack is still selected, every time you tap another stack the next card in the source stack will move.

What are coins for?

Use your coins to get more hints or powerups when you run out of tokens. You'll be automatically charged the number of coins that appears on the hint or powerup button if you press it.

If you run out of coins, you'll need to win or purchase more to use hints or powerups.

What's the quickest way to win coins?

Play the Daily Challenge! If you're on a winning streak, you can get up to a 3x multiplier and win coins fast!

How can I replay a level?

Tap and hold on the LEVEL button to replay the level of your choice.

TIP: You can also tap on the character name (on the stage) on the game over screen and a button to replay that game will appear.

How can I return to my furthest completed level?

Tap on the progress button (the button on the top right that shows your progress to unlocking the next collectible character).

What's a Perfect Game?

A perfect game is a game you play without using any undo's or powerups.

How do I get a New World Record?

Complete a game in fewer moves than anyone else! Note that undo’s subtract from your move count, and you can even use hints! If you autoplay the whole game, though, you’ll only tie the world record. You have to do better than the hint to get a new record! Powerups disqualify you for the record, so you’ll have to play without them. Good luck!

How can I see how close I came to a New World Record?

Tap on the character name on the stage at the end of the game to see your move count versus the world record.

TIP: A replay button will also appear. Tap it if you'd like to try again for a New World Record!

How can I quickly check for available moves?

Tap and hold (don't drag) on the help button or any freecell to quickly highlight any stacking moves (moves to a non-empty stack).

Is there a shortcut for moving to a free cell?

You can drag a card onto any free cell (even if it’s full) and it will automatically move to the closest empty free cell.

How do I cancel a powerup?

If you accidentally tap a powerup button, simply tap the button again to cancel it. If you accidentally use a powerup, you can tap the undo button to get it back, too!

Why is the top card at the bottom of the screen?

The top card on a stack is at the bottom of the screen so it's always in the same place and you don't have to reach far for it.

What are the stars hanging from the clouds in the background?

A new star drops down from a cloud when you complete a section of the main progression or when you complete enough puzzles in one of the Relax-Overload sections.

TIP: When you swipe between screens or tap on the background, the stars swing. If you keep it up, you can really get them swinging hard!

How can I go back and see all the collectible characters I've unlocked?

Swipe up or down on the character on the main screen to switch between characters.

TIP: If you tap on a character, you can listen to their theme music and learn a little more about them, too!

How can I read solutions in the Discord chat?

A description of the solution notation is available here.

How many coins are in each game?

The number of coins in a game depends on the number of suits and matches in the game:

Matches1 Suit2 Suits3+ Suits
< 131 coin2 coins3 coins
13-252 coins4 coins8 coins
26+4 coins8 coins16 coins