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Solitaire Meets Its Match!

Combine matching and strategy in a fresh new take on Solitaire and Match 3!

With daily challenges, team events, and levels ranging from casual to mind-bending, Match Solitaire has puzzles for every skill level and mood.

Stack cards up, down, or both ways to collect matches and solve increasingly difficult levels.

Play with power-ups and unlock animated characters who cheer you onward toward victory.

Or, choose your own difficulty and play from more than 10 million guaranteed winnable deals!

Have you met your match?


  • 25,000 levels to play
  • 10 million unique puzzles to solve
  • 40 animated characters to unlock
  • Intelligent hint system
  • Daily challenge puzzles
  • Weekly team event
  • Every deal guaranteed winnable!

From the Designer

My goal in designing a new kind of Solitaire was to create something that feels fresh and exciting for classic Solitaire fans while staying true to the spirit of the game beloved by so many.

Match Solitaire is my attempt to achieve that goal, and I hope you'll be as delighted to play it as I am to share it with you.